This graphic set is not linkware!

The price of this graphic set is only $10.00 to personal web sites.
That price is non-exclusive use only.


The price for this template includes:

The graphics you see here as well as blank graphics for you to customize.
A demo coded guestbook graphic.
Two completely coded pages which includes a demo page to get you started.

Design Notes: The links seen above as well as the guestbook graphic "links" are all on one graphic with hotspots coded into an image map. You can customize the blank link area according to your own sites needs with your favorite graphics program. Just remember to place your links text in the same spot as the ones you see here so you won't have to change the coding on the image map.

If you need  me to customize the title and subtitles pleae contact me for price information.

Order Info: I prefer orders through PayPal click on the link below to order this set for personal web sites only.  Please contact me if you have any questions.



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