This set is not linkware. It can be purchased for only $10.00

The coded page and graphics are also included in the zip file along with a blank subtitles and can be easily customized in your favorite graphics program. If you would like me to customize this set according to your site's needs contact the studio for price details.



Color Codes:

Links: #378A19
Visited: #B8A00A
Active: #48BC21
Hover: #F2D600

Design Notes: The guestbook graphic as well as the "pointsetta" back, home,next, area are all on one graphic with hotspots coded into an image map. Replace my demo coded "link" destination with your own and you are ready to go.

This set uses an internal coded CSS (Cascading style sheet) which controls the font styles as well as the colors for the text and scrollbar. You can easily adjust the coding in your own html editor.

Note: This set has three different backgrounds included for you to choose from without compromising the integrity of the design which contain two alternate backgrounds not seen here that are already coded into the demo pages!




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