This set is not linkware and is only $10.00 to personal web sites..

That price is non exclusive use only.

This set includes:

All of the graphics you see here.
Blank graphic areas to add your own text and links to.

Note: Font info not included. If you would like me to customize this set according to your site's needs contact the studio for price details.

Design Notes:

This set uses an internal coded CSS (Cascading style sheet) which controls the font styles as well as the colors for the text and scrollbar. You can easily adjust the coding in your own html editor.

The links on the guestbook graphic are all on one graphic with hotspots coded into an image map. You can customize the blank link area according to your own sites needs with your favorite graphics program. Just remember to place your links text in the same spot as the ones you see here so you won't have to change the coding on the image map.

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