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This graphic set is not linkware!

The price of this graphic set is only $10.00 to personal web sites.

That price is non-exclusive use only.

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This set is only available to personal web site's only.

If you purchase this set  a link back to Jolie Graphics would be appreciated with the logo that comes with this set.

The price for this template includes:

All of the graphics you  see here.
Two completely coded pages which includes a demo page to get you started.

The completely coded page and necessary blank graphics as well as the customary links you see here are included in the zip file.  You can customize the blank subtitles accordingly with your favorite graphics program. If you need me to customize the blank graphics for you please contact the studio for price information. Font information is also included.

Order Info: I prefer orders through PayPal click on the link below to order this set for personal web sites only. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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